How To Recover From A Penalty

If your site has received a Google penalty associated with Penguin or Panda, the first thing you need to do is work out exactly what sort of penalty it is. Is it a penalty caused by Google Penguin or Google Panda? Has your site been de-indexed? Is a manual penalty attached? Once you’ve worked out what’s caused it, it’s time to act. SEO companies are constantly dealing with penalties – however they notice them quickly and act fast, meaning the consequences are often minimal. For innovative companies such as WME, reviews are part of the job. These bigger companies are constantly checking clients’ websites so that any drop in rankings is noticed immediately. It’s rare for these companies to have sites de-indexed completely.  

What to do

If your site is suffering from a Panda penalty, you will find that rankings will drop across the board. You need to evaluate the overall quality of your site in order to recover from a Panda penalty. In most cases, issues are associated with the content – either it’s of a poor quality, too thin, duplicated or spammed with keywords. All pages on your site need to be checked to make sure content is up to the required standard. In addition, it also pays to check the header, footer, title tags and site navigation. These issues are easily fixed; it’s the content that is labour intensive. In fact thanks to Panda, online marketing agencies have started to hire in-house content teams to make sure that all content is up to scratch. WME Group is one such company that has implemented this strategy, and therefore content is a central component when it comes to WME SEO campaigns, click here for more info.

Noticed a rankings drop for certain keywords? A Penguin penalty generally affects certain pages; Google enacts this penalty when it believes a site has tried to manipulate rankings for a specific keyword(s). In most cases, unnatural looking backlinks are the main reason for action.To recover, you need to determine which pages/keywords have been affected. It’s then a matter of removing/disavowing any backlinks associated with these – and then you have to wait. If you’ve received a manual penalty, the reason will be attached in a message under Webmaster tools. These penalties are handed out for anything that Google considers to be a violation of the Webmaster Guidelines. The good news is that Google identifies the problem for you, and you can then fix it and apply for a reconsideration request.

How long does it take once changes are made?

Once you have rectified any quality/backlink issues, you need to wait for Google to re-crawl your site. Depending on the situation, this can take anywhere between 3 hours and 3 months – so prepare to be patient. It then takes another 48 hours for the results of the crawl to show in the search engine results pages (SERPs) – so you should see some increase site traffic then, if your changes were successful!